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Fuzhou hi-tech zone to create LED industry base

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-26

in recent years, fuzhou hi-tech zone to foster strategic emerging industries such as integrated circuit, LED, for new and high technology, high growth, high value-added investment of the project. At the same time to speed up the build strategic emerging industry cluster, to concentrate on the industrial chain integration, promote the development of more closely with upstream and downstream industry, the cluster.

it is accelerating one million yuan photoelectric LED industry projects. The project is located in the high-tech zone fuzhou south island town, biological medicine and electromechanical industrial park, department of provincial and municipal key projects, mainly engaged in LED epitaxial wafer and chip research and development, production and sales of the total investment of 31. 7. 7 billion yuan, divided into two phases. Among them, the first phase of the project total investment 1 billion yuan, the end of February, 2018, 100000 pieces/month chip production line across the board and put into production, to achieve the first phase of the project planning requirements. Ongoing phase ii project construction, and strive to put into production within this year. Phase ii project with a total investment of 21. 7. 7 billion yuan, is planning to build 580000 pieces/month epitaxial wafer chip production lines and 580000 / month, this year is expected to achieve revenue 5. 3. 5 billion yuan.

2 it is to accelerate the source lei LED functional and special packaging and lighting projects. In June 2018, fuzhou hi-tech zone and the source of shenzhen lei technology co. , LTD. Signed a project cooperation agreement, plans to invest in 12. 300 million yuan, the construction of automation LED functional and special packaging and lighting projects. Source lei technology is a leading domestic high-end LED light source device packaging products manufacturers and solution providers. Phased implementation, the co-operation project completed, after will implement the annual output value of 2. 7 billion yuan.

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