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Fuzhou road lighting project into the finish debugging stage: street light can be remote control light and shade

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-24

at present, fuzhou urban road lighting energy-saving integrated renovation project has entered the stage of finish debugging.

the promotion transformation with high efficiency and energy saving LED lights to replace the original old sodium lamp, after transforming the brightness of the fuzhou road at night will increase by 30% ~ 50%, and the safety of the public convenient travel, improve the city landscape at night.

at the same time, the fuzhou also matching based intelligent single lamp control system, all city street lamp should be brought into the fuzhou city street light monitoring center management, change the previous method is given priority to with artificial inspections, realize intelligent street lamp maintenance custody. In the future, every street lamp of light and shade to the remote control can be realized.

fuzhou municipal departments from reducing the affect people at night's point of view, and ensure the stability and rate of street lights at night lights, lights are testing arrangement in the daytime, construction units will be replaced after a section of line try electric lights for a short time.

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