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General lighting competition is intense, ningbo acceleration intelligent lighting layout

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-10

in the context of the global trade friction, the LED lighting market growth is slowing, but it is undeniable that the world's major economies such as Japan, the United States, China LED lighting has a broad space to grow up and still lighting and intelligent lighting, automotive lighting, agriculture, health, sports venues illumination, the museum lighting applications also opened up new space for the LED lighting.

ningbo as 'lamps and lanterns of the township' enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad, the city's enterprises of lamps and lanterns has amounted to 4000, including more than 1000 engaged in LED lighting production enterprises. Some even become a world-class lighting enterprises hidden champions, such as ningbo university fu electronics co. , LTD. Cold chain lighting lamps and lanterns annual sales accounted for 10% of global market share, more than the philips. A few months ago, at 2019 in the local China ningbo lighting industry supply chain information technology peak BBS is pointed out that ningbo lighting industry will actively build more effective information chain, upgrade business model, in the direction of intelligent lighting power.

the continuous development of the modern Internet of things, many enterprises makes intelligent lighting layout of the next segment. In 2020, according to global intelligent lighting market is expected to 134. 2. 7 billion dollars.

ningbo lighting electrical equipment industry association, said an official with the ningbo lighting industry is faced with the complexity of the macro environment, industry competition, fusion development capacity and green development of the ability to ascend, intelligent lighting will become the focus of the whole lighting industry chain.

hold industry development opportunity for lighting enterprise, continuous technological innovation, transformation and upgrading of active, and formed unique competitive advantage, big bits will be held again 'the 31st ( Ningbo) The LED lighting driver and intelligent lighting art seminar '. Direction of the topic of this meeting include: LED drive power supply technology solutions, LED lighting light, LED light source and optical technology solutions, LED lighting wireless connection technology, LED intelligent control and reliability analysis, LED intelligent lighting technology, LED lighting policy and standard, and LED industry development trend of intelligent lighting, etc.

the meeting show there are dozens of enterprise competition, product variety, strong pertinence, in order to better help enterprises to complete the product selection.

power supply IC aspects including will easily, CRC silicon, silicon FengMingYuan, maxime sheng, silan, easy agent, core fly ling, deep love, ollie, a proud way, trade ze ( The agent) 。 Will be easy to science and technology is a leading global power management system architecture, design, application, technical support and professional management team, committed to the computer, consumer electronics and LED lighting in areas such as the development of the power management scheme, design, testing, sales and system integration. Huarun si wei as a committee member of intelligent lighting, has long been engaged in building intelligent LED ecological intelligence, accelerate the improvement of the ecological environment. In addition to the other enterprise is deep in the lighting industry for many years, notice the environmental protection skills and innovation of the product.

test equipment is represented by the division ring century. Beijing branch is a professional engaged in domestic ring century electromagnetic compatibility EMC test equipment development, development, production of high-tech enterprises. Company has decades of experience in the field, mainly for the development of electromagnetic compatibility technology abroad and the application and the increasing market demand.

has aihua group, electrolytic capacitor AnXingHe inati. Aihua leading enterprise of aluminum electrolytic capacitor, which have core advantage such as technology, cost, quality, global market share first company lighting area, rapid infiltration in leds.

and its semiconductor products mainly to bring two, triode.

than in previous years, this year's show enterprise on the number and variety are more rich, the new company, agent, inati, ring century, a proud way, trade ze ( The agent) 。

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