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Germany otten doffer for all ships adapted LED light, energy efficiency increase of 80%

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-30

according to foreign media reports, the German shipowners and operators Oldendorff ( Otten doffer) Are all ships adapted for a company fleet LED light, energy efficiency will rise 80%.

now Oldendorff has made a series of tests on four ship, came to the conclusion that lighting replace LED lights is right choice, the sharp increase of energy efficiency, has been on 6 ship equipped with LED lights.

according to the test results, LED lamp compared with the traditional way of lighting up 80% of the energy efficiency, not only can reduce the number of lights, life is almost five times more. 'Using leds will reduce the demand for electricity, thus reducing emissions of each boat. 'Oldendorff said, because the service life is long, and not easy to damage, leds can also reduce the crew to replace the workload of lamps and lanterns.

the company plans to install LED lights when ship docking, or by the crew to install in the next voyage.

modification LED lights can not only improve energy efficiency, according to expert introduction, LED color temperature can be in the range of 2000 k to 9000 k, optional sex and color richness were superior to the traditional lamps and lanterns, if used properly, the crew can obtain better lighting environment. The crew to a comfortable lighting environment, still can reduce negative psychological depression, tension, etc.

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