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Gongbei customs seized 1841 infringement LED driver

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-28

on December 19, the holder of the written confirmation, gongbei customs seized a batch of export LED driver for infringing products. At present, the customs has deduct the goods, the case is under further investigation processing. The case is another gongbei customs seized recently alleged domestic independent brand of intellectual property infringement cases.

originally, December 13, the company belongs to gongbei customs in shenzhen office of zhongshan customs in zhongshan port declaration for export LED driver and so on one batch of goods. When the customs inspection, found with 'TULIP' logo of the LED driver 1841, ningbo man suspected of infringement of the right holder letter electronics co. , LTD. , in the General Administration of Customs for the record 'TULIP' trademark. 70000, stands at nearly 600000 yuan, quality goods market value of 3. 15 million yuan.

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