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Good roads, good lights, good lights come to Changhui

by:CHZ     2021-07-09
1) Q: What kind of company is Hebei Electronics? Answer: Our company is solar lighting, solar street lights, solar street lights, solar lawn lights, solar photovoltaic power stations, solar household household power generation systems, solar landscape lights, solar battery modules, solar bus stations, solar advertising lights, corridor solar lighting, Parking lot solar lighting, solar power generation system, solar grid-connected off-grid power station, solar LED street light, solar power generation, solar wind and wind complementary street light, solar wind and wind complementary power station, solar and building integration products, LED indoor lights, LED floodlights, LED buried lights, and other large-scale production and sales of solar lamps and LED lamps, a group company. 2) Q: What qualifications does Hebei Baoding Changhui Lighting Co., Ltd. have? Answer: The products of Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. have passed 3C certification, CE certification and ISO9001-2000 international system certification, and have Grade A engineering consulting, Grade A special engineering design, Grade A engineering general contracting qualification, and city and road lighting construction qualifications. And it has obtained a number of national patents in the application of solar power and photovoltaic systems. 3) Q: How about the product quality and after-sales service of Hebei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.? 1. Supply Commitment     deliver and provide services in strict accordance with the buyer’s schedule to ensure that the project is completed on schedule.   The product is labeled with 'manufacturer, after-sales service phone number, sales date' and other content, so that users can contact our company in time.   For the first delivery, 5% of wearing parts will be provided free of charge. At the time of delivery, a certificate certifying that the goods comply with the contract shall be issued at the same time.  According to the needs of customers, we can cooperate with the construction, guide the installation, and even guide and train a group of personnel who can independently complete the maintenance tasks for the user unit to ensure that the project is completed on time and quality. 2. Quality Commitment   The factory promises that all products, from the purchase of raw materials to the production process, will be carried out in strict accordance with contract requirements and national standards, and no unqualified products will be submitted.   For quality problems raised by customers, the company promptly gives reasonable explanations and rectifies them.  We will compensate users for losses caused by product quality problems. 3. After-sales commitment (within the warranty period)   The factory promises that the warranty period of the lamp is two years.   During the warranty period, all faults and quality problems except for man-made damage and force majeure are repaired free of charge.   promises that the response time for repairs is 1 hour, and our factory will arrive at the scene as quickly as possible. The maintenance is carried out continuously and uninterrupted until the fault is eliminated.   Develop complete customer files and conduct regular telephone return visits to understand the use of products. Four, after-sales commitment (outside the warranty period)    all products are given life-long maintenance, repairs outside the warranty period only charge material costs excluding labor costs.   According to customer requirements, we can train a group of operators who can perform maintenance and repair for free to ensure the normal operation of the product. V. Compensation Commitment    The factory promises that, except for man-made damage or force majeure, the company will compensate users for losses caused by product quality issues and construction period issues. 4) Where are the products produced in Hebei mainly sold to? Answer: Our company’s products are sold all over the country, and our street lamp and courtyard lamp companies are spread all over the country, most of which are concentrated in the Shanxi New Countryside Solar Street Light Project, Shaanxi Solar Street Light Project, Inner Mongolia Wind and Wind Hybrid Street Light Project and Solar Power System Project. Gansu solar street light project, solar wind and solar hybrid street light project and solar power system project, Heilongjiang new rural street light, courtyard light insecticidal lamp project, Dalian city landscape lighting project, Tianjin solar street light project, Hebei new rural solar street light project, etc. 5) Q: Where is the specific address in Hebei? Answer: Our company is located on the 3rd Floor, Area B, Building 1, University Science Park, No. 5699, North Second Ring, Baoding City, Hebei Province. 6) Q: Is Hebei a manufacturer or a sales outlet? Answer: Our company is a large-scale solar and LED lamp manufacturer in Baoding City, Hebei Province. 7) Q: What is the contact information of Hebei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.? Answer: Our landline: 0312-3183665 Fax: 0312-3182296 Company website:

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