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Google map plan new 'illumination' function, streets of bright light

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-07

according to foreign media reports, Google maps ( 谷歌地图) Is planning to add a new feature in the delivery of, highlighting the light bright street, help users to get home safely. It is said that Google has added a new layer, according to provide lighting of streets, make its user commuting more safety. Light, according to the streets in yellow and dark streets. This feature is on Google maps Beta APK found in dismantling. It is unclear whether Google will be released publicly.

as XDA Developers site found, new feature called 'light' will help the user identify the bright street. As mentioned above, the function will be displayed in yellow highlight have good lighting of streets, to help users avoid insufficient light or no street lighting.

this functionality is expected in the first place in India on a trial basis, because in India, women's security is a very prominent problem. This function also is expected to help those who are not familiar with the local people road conditions to travel at night. So far, it is not clear how Google collects data and update the street lighting.

Google has been launch new feature for visitors or tourists. November, Google maps has added a new translation functions, users can say the name of the place in the local language on your phone and address, and help users communicate with the owner. Moreover, in order to further dialogue, Google Maps will now also directly link to the Google Translate ( Google translation) On the application.

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