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Graphene street lamp lighting 'wisdom city'

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-05

in the country more than 80 cities, put into use, can save 4 every year. In huzhou, zhejiang province, a company called Ming: photoelectric technology co. , LTD, the enterprise through the graphene composite technology combined with city LED street light, changed the traditional domestic semiconductor lighting industry direction, also illuminate the growing city.

graphene is the thinnest thickness and strength of the highest in the world, is also a minimum resistivity of materials. It in conductive, thermal conductivity, optical high permeability, energy storage application, etc. In 2013, Beijing institute of technology, Dr. Chen wei founded in huzhou Ming: photoelectric technology co. , LTD. Open the entrepreneurial career, graphene material was applied to high power LED heat dissipation of industrialization of research results.

'graphene composites can solve the problem of the LED heat dissipation, the LED street light products showed higher photosynthetic efficiency, energy saving rate and the advantages of the nondestructive replacement, up to 80% compared with the traditional sodium lamp power saving rate, subvert the traditional concept of LED street light. 'Chen, w. research opens the city LED street lamp industry revolution, related technology declared and authorized more than 20 national invention patents. Ming new moon also obtained the rapid development of science and technology, and gradually grow to become the domestic leader in the field of graphene application.

innovation is the first motive force in the enterprise development. Ming new moon also form production, strategic cooperation with zhejiang university of science and technology, take the lead in the domestic manufacture of LED lighting products is implemented and completed under different scenarios road lighting products and personalized service.

'we use intelligent design, industrial control system, intelligent sensor, intelligent processing equipment and intelligent management software, strengthen the industrial development and utilization of big data, build the tech support Ming: graphene street lamp intelligent manufacturing new mode of mass customization requirements. 'Said Chen wei, low-power intelligent street lamp system, the green energy-saving and intelligent application and efficient integration, to boost green energy and wisdom urban construction.

in the past two years, Ming new moon began to focus on the wisdom of science and technology lighting technology research, through the Internet hardware and lighting products to depth of fusion, operating independently develop big data platform, gives more functions of lighting products in the city of fine management. Based on the innovative application of graphene cooling technology in the high power LED, Ming new technology also built over the urban road intelligent data acquisition and the compute nodes, provides the 'Internet of things + video' big data the wisdom of city operation scheme.

new material, new intelligent manufacturing, Internet of things is the development of science and technology innovation troika. Companies in expanding the domestic market share at the same time, also actively explore overseas markets. Recently, sign a cooperation agreement with Argentina, Malaysia and other countries, to promote the new material, intelligent manufacturing, lighting and wisdom city industry in overseas cities fall to the ground.

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