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Green initialization program, solar lawn lamp lighting promotion

by:CHZ     2021-07-16
The funding for the lighting upgrade plan is a very important green city plan. Everyone knows that the city's street lights consume a lot of energy at night. Therefore, when we are all talking about energy saving, we always think that the first choice of solar street lights to replace these street lights. But it will consume a lot of money. Now, district tax agencies are encouraged to apply for federal economic stimulus funds for lighting upgrades.
   Newly developed technology to create a green city, the development of energy-saving technology is very fast. This makes it possible to build a green city. Therefore, let us figure out how to build a green city with less money.
  The government is also trying to replace the city with traditional street lights and urban infrastructure. The government is planning to replace street lights, solar street lights, solar lawn lights and other solar lighting equipment will generate electricity by themselves.
   A positive energy efficiency promise may be a windfall for the economy. This transformation will reduce the energy bill to create more new jobs for cash-strapped consumers and businesses, and workers.
   When all the projects are completed, we are getting closer and closer to our goal of building a green city. The development of a green city in this country.

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