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Guangxi qinzhou LED street light energy-saving renovation project to be completed by the end of

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-29

according to qinzhou chengguan marshals micro display, guangxi qinzhou municipal engineering installment and lighting by taking contract energy management mode of the urban road lighting energy-saving renovation.

at present the city street lamps energy-saving renovation project - Contract energy management has pushed into the third stage, one of the 10229 lamp, street lamp for phase I and phase ii average power saving rate is above 65%, energy-saving effect is remarkable. The third phase of the renovation project plan about 5000 lamp high pressure sodium lamp to LED street lamps energy-saving renovation, so far, modification work has been completed 10% of the workload, the work is also have a not the implementation of the flocculant, to be completed within the end of the year.

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