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Guangzhou 500 drone light 'the plague' lights!

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-27

at 1 am on February 9, 20, 500 aircraft flying from east sea heart sand wharf slowly over to the pearl river, a uav for outbreak of public air show is here. In 12 minutes of time, 500 drone switch out 'unity is strength' 'outbreak' 'oil' wuhan 'tower of guangzhou and wuhan yellow crane tower' 'wear masks, defense the virus' 'happy Lantern Festival' and so on design, cheer for wuhan.

video source: shock news

you can see, at the scene when the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) rises, with academician zhong nanshan image as the prototype of face design pattern appeared in mid-air, and a pair of mask, mask to people moving on the face, like a person will face mask wear well. This is the performance of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) public flight elaborate design 'wear masks, defense against the virus,' to remind you that the current epidemic, pay attention to consciously wear masks.

photo taken: xinhua da-wei liu

outbreak, the national action together, guangzhou and wuhan alongside more, 500 drone transform the patterns in the air 'tower of guangzhou and wuhan yellow crane tower', the landmark of guangzhou 'guangzhou tower' landmark 'yellow crane tower' and wuhan together with box appears in the night sky in guangzhou; Word 'wuhan refueling' cheer is directly to wuhan.

photo taken: xinhua da-wei liu

on February 8, is also the traditional Chinese Lantern Festival, the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) transformation of the 'Lantern Festival', together with the full moon hung high air gradually become red five characters - — Happy Lantern Festival, not only good wishes sent people to the festival, is also to all the people are fighting the outbreak passed more courage.

photo taken: xinhua da-wei liu

according to performance units in guangdong hundred million navigation technology co. , LTD. , deputy general manager of operations center GaoXinYu egrets media is introduced, different from other unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) performance, the performance of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) public flight formulated the strict epidemic prevention measures. Each drone after disinfection, performance in the process of every staff must wear masks, measuring body temperature before they can play. In addition, to avoid a crowd gathers, time of flight performance is selected at 1 a. m. 'Also hope to urge you to be in the form of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) performance protection, wearing a mask, wash your hands often, go out less, survive together, cheer for wuhan. 'GaoXinYu said.

in addition, the activities in the evening, the pearl river coast 24 towering buildings, hunting, bridge, guangzhou tower, sea heart sand eight sails screen did the text display, constantly switching out 'extend' confidence 'resolutely fight the epidemic prevention and control war' 'wuhan gas' 'China refueling' slogans such as 'united fight disease together'.

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