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Guangzhou city 5 overpass will lighting transformation

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-29

on June 23, the important central city overpass lighting safety renovation project survey and design construction general contracting tender announcement, tender announcement shows, guangzhou will be inside the main plate of fu interchange, chang gang village interchange interchange, guest, tianhe interchange, south continent interchange lighting safety renovation, renovation projects including cars equipped with lights or garden light way to solve the problem of insufficient lighting bridge. The construction total length of about 5. 7 km.

the purpose of this project is to through micro fill lighting board, strong infrastructure weaknesses, strengthen urban comprehensive function, the construction quality of urban human settlements environment.

renovation project set up independent lighting control system, and be able to access the center of the lighting of the existing lighting control system, to realize the remote control.

at the same time, advocate green lighting project, select high efficiency light source and lamps and lanterns, no less than IP65 protection grade, lamps and lanterns, light pole modelling beautiful, durable.

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