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Guangzhou: for $300 million to improve the classroom lighting equipment to build students' vision health archives combination protect vision of primary and middle school students

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-08

in September this year, guangzhou yuexiu Pan Junyu dongfeng east road primary school students back to school and found that the light in the classroom is more soft, 'an eye more comfortable when reading a book. '

this year, the guangzhou municipal financial capital invested nearly 300 million yuan, to start the whole city elementary and middle schools classroom lighting equipment renovation work, ensure that meet the national standard 100% of the school classroom lighting, improve student environment with its eyes. Among them, 1248 schools in the city, more than 20000 classrooms into priority project, more than 30000 ordinary classroom, 1. More than 80000 function between the classroom, more than 10000 other classrooms in deepening reform plan.

this is just the guangzhou strive to win the war in the primary and middle school students myopia prevention and control. For primary and middle school students of malvision rising trend year by year, since 2009, the guangzhou bureau of education integration of regional colleges and universities, research institutes and other resources, explore the 'government-led, school support subject, research institutions, social participation pattern of guangzhou.

guangzhou huadu district, seven primary school students in east town, through the self-made rope exercise every day, skipping class, insist to take exercise an hour and a half. Physical exercise to keep the students a good vision, and award-winning. In recent world rope skipping championships in 2018, won the men students Zhang Chongyang masters champion.

'good vision needs the backing of the healthy body. ', said an official with the guangzhou city bureau of education related since 2009, primary and secondary school health promotion center in guangzhou and zhongshan ophthalmic center, sun yat-sen university cooperation, carrying out pilot myopia prevention and control work, and as a scientific decision based on the results of the study of 'navigation', by strengthening physical education and extra-curricular exercise, students myopia prevention.

in addition, the guangzhou bureau of education also cooperating with zhongshan ophthalmic center, sun yat-sen university in guangzhou primary and middle school students myopia prevention and control center, to carry out the primary and middle school students myopia prevention and control and visual surveillance, provide free eye exam for eligible students, establish a visual health records.

in order to promote the professional level of eye care popularization education, the guangzhou bureau of education fully integrated medical colleges in guangzhou region resources, set up medical college students to drive students to develop a long-term mechanism to prevent myopia health education. At the same time, the primary and middle schools in guangzhou for the city's health teachers and school doctor on myopia prevention and control of appropriate technologies.

according to statistics, since 2015, guangzhou has launched more than 1000 'health education into the campus' activities, training more than 1000 person-times school doctor and health teachers, covering about 900000 students.

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