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Guangzhou governance road lighting project will use the new LED lights light pollution

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-09

recently, the guangzhou bureau of ecological environment in response to the municipal people's representatives suggested announcement file said that at present, guangzhou outdoor light pollution is mainly concentrated in the urban night scene lighting, commercial activities and outdoor advertising, signs of light pollution, etc. According to the ecological environment department's investigation, guangzhou outdoor light pollution at night night scene lighting is good, the outdoor advertising and trademark of light pollution is more serious.

light pollution control measures

road lighting. Guangzhou requires new energy saving renovation projects such as road lighting engineering and street lamps using LED lamps and lanterns. LED street lamp lighting source for the directivity, the scattering rate is low, high luminous efficiency, efficiency can reach more than 95%, of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns light spectrum in visible parts. To promote the use of LED lamps and lanterns, as the city road lighting could satisfy the requirement of lighting, energy conservation and environmental protection in effectively reduce the light pollution at the same time.

landscape lighting. According to the guangzhou lighting measures for the administration of urban and rural areas, the relevant provisions of the guangzhou 'guangzhou city landscape lighting special planning ( 2015-2020) 'To build urban nightscape lighting source control, to ensure the buildings built, expanded and rebuilt after set according to the requirements of special landscape lighting planning. At the same time, from a perspective of the spatial pattern of the area of 1772 square kilometers area in the urban landscape lighting division, the establishment of a unified lighting control rules, the intensity of illumination, brightness, color temperature, color, dynamic control indexes such as ceiling or range, prevent the excessive development of lighting. Night view lighting lighting design should be strict control building ( Structure) Laser surface around a day, avoid and reduce light pollution.

in addition, the key areas of urban landscape lighting of opening and closing gradually realize centralized control, but also provides landscape lighting of weekdays and holidays opening time, is beneficial to control light pollution. Time of the opening of guangzhou city landscape lighting is April 1 solstice on September 30th day for 7:30 ~ 22:30; October 1 solstice year on March 31 for daily 19:00 to 22:30; Key areas extended to 23:00 during traditional festivals and events.

outdoor advertising. Guangzhou on outdoor advertising lighting, lighting made detailed provisions, put forward the relatively complete light interference control requirements, and regulate building glass curtain wall is set, is helpful to reduce the glass curtain wall of light pollution. At the same time, also to strengthen the examination and supervision and management of outdoor advertising content distribution.


announcements, file mentioned, guangzhou will explore light pollution control area. Light pollution control division is the basic foundation of light pollution prevention and control. Guangzhou had divided the lighting control area and restricted effect of the different parts of the landscape lighting, this is the basis of the divided light pollution control area. The next step is to plan in the defined light pollution control area, on the basis of according to the requirements of the latest national standards, explore the guangzhou light pollution control area.

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