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Guangzhou wisdom road lights lamp light pole will have 5 g era

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-09

a few days ago, as the guangzhou days henan 2 a group of new street lamp lights up slowly, guangzhou power supply bureau days henan wisdom street lamp is supplied through pilot project formally put into production. Within the scope of guangzhou city, this is also the first batch of pilot the launch of the first project, 5 g pilot city to guangzhou and wisdom city construction laid a foundation.

in the shape of contracted lamp light pole, set the day 2 original video monitoring, base station, henan road sign elements, such as the public street lamp base can be in the touch screen of access road, connecting the WIFI, search, city information, etc. After integration, now days henan two-way road bar from 52 rod reduced to 35 rod, not only improving the street environment, public utility cost also can reduce the society in the future.

the street lamp light pole set days henan 2 original video monitoring, base station, the elements such as road signs. Image: People's Daily, guangzhou power supply bureau for figure

in addition, guangzhou as a pilot city, 5 g 5 g in the future demand of micro base station is far higher than that of the traditional 4 g networks, the wisdom light pole just can provide carrier, power supply, communications and other infrastructure assurance. 'Wisdom light pole as micro base station quality carrier will provide best way for the future 5 g network layout. 'Guangzhou power supply bureau project development director introduces, at present, the tianhe south lulu light pole four integration status of base station, the future will be integrated into 20.

the public can access roads in street lamp base of touch screen, connect the WIFI, search city information, etc. Image: People's Daily, guangzhou power supply bureau for figure

at present, some of the light pole is equipped with electric car dc charging pile. 'The first in the country. 'Relevant person in charge of the project, as the first batch of pilot, guangzhou power supply bureau using the technology of independent innovation, integrating high power dc charging pile and lamp posts, and the wisdom of the street lamp together dc charging pile, with 60 kw charging power, far higher than the current domestic widely used in intelligent street lamp power level 7 kw ac charging pile, 0. Five hours to charge 80%, charging fast, strong practicability, effectively solve the new energy vehicle charging pain points.

part of the light pole is equipped with electric car dc charging pile. Image: People's Daily, guangzhou power supply bureau for figure

at the same time, intelligent street lamp also configured by the independent research and development of guangzhou power supply bureau secondary leakage protection devices, fully ensure the light pole facilities safe and reliable power supply.

light pole of the power supply, communication module in the form of the drawer is the physical separation of strong and weak electricity, safe operation and convenient maintenance. Image: People's Daily, guangzhou power supply bureau for figure

at present, guangzhou power supply bureau is responsible for the center 6 area nearly 190000 streetlights, 70000 light pole operations, technical maturity. And its distribution facilities and pipe gallery resources covering the whole city, optical fiber covering the city's main road, a wholly owned subsidiary of guangzhou power supply bureau subordinate ear could be accessed by the company in the optical fiber network operations, the electric car industry chain has a complete system, charging piles accumulated wisdom lamps promotion and construction of sufficient experience and technical reserves, the future investment, construction, operation, and is committed to intelligent street lamp power wisdom city construction in guangzhou.

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