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Guizhou anshun city development zone wisdom results highlight urban lighting construction energy-saving rate up to 80%

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-22

25 April, anshun city wisdom urban lighting construction and upgrading the site of the project rallies held in the open area.

it is understood that the open district municipal administration departments jointly chengwei lighting technology to build city district high and new technology enterprise upgrading project, using information management technologies in LouHu ecological park, built in the country's first 'car ・ car go on up to the light and dark' lake-ring road, according to the actual power supply unit pay cost data, run to six months, the street light than the top power saving rate of about 80%.

in addition, by the open area in the northing new wisdom, shuangyang industrial park road, regional urban lighting demonstration pilot project of upgrade project, step by step in the implementation of the comprehensive promotion. After repeated tests, the accurate and efficient project management, service timely and convenient, safe and reliable operation and maintenance costs significantly reduced, to speed up the construction of new type of urbanization in the city has played a positive demonstration effect.

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