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Guizhou province first tunnel lighting technology used successfully

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-22

recently, guizhou first tunnel soothing lighting technology in six wei huang high-speed foundation tunnel application be successful, this technology can effectively relieve discomfort tunnel vision phenomenon, is the guizhou province highway and a major innovation in the field of emergency lighting.

according to six high-speed relevant personnel introduces, yellow house foundation after tunnel opened to traffic, vehicle top will present a glowing blue, copy is like the sea, as the vehicle forward, tunnel ceiling design also can give a person with the dynamic scene.

the technology using energy storage luminescence of rare earth materials, under the excitation of special safety spectrum to convert light energy to carry on the secondary, the material under the extremely low power consumption can be absorbed light energy efficient conversion of quadratic forms after glow, can completely eliminate the tunnel or underground space 'black hole' or 'blind' phenomenon, will greatly improve the visual range of dark environment and operation safety.

yellow house relieve foundation tunnel lighting technology is first pilot use in guizhou province highway, is expected to be completed in 15 initial installation, and plans to gradually replace the existing traffic tunnel in guizhou LED lighting technology.

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