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Guizhou publishing 'intelligent lighting standard design atlas'

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-07

recently, by the guizhou tower to participate in the establishment of the guizhou province intelligent lighting design standard atlas, approved by the housing and construction in guizhou officially released, will be implemented on January 1, 2020.

the atlas adopts component-based design, contains six kinds of the height of the rod body standard drawing, component library and foundation drawing, municipal lighting with 5 g communications, video monitoring, urban WIFI, a key alarm function, by reasonable selection and combination, can meet the needs of all kinds of scenarios road, effectively promoted the standardization of the construction of intelligent light pole, standardization, security and reliability.

the atlas of the release, will provide design basis for subsequent intelligent light pole of large-scale construction, promote the Internet of things, 5 g, big data, new technologies, such as artificial intelligence application in convenient service, urban governance, promote 5 g network layout of 'macro micro combination' and further promote the 'one pole is multi-purpose' intensive and road tower construction, the construction of a harmonious and orderly road space, shape a more livable urban environment.

editor units: guizhou province architectural design and research institute Co. , Ltd.

the ginseng unit: China tower Co. , Ltd. Guizhou branch

(unit: Gci Science & Technology Co. , Ltd.

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