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Hangzhou 35 pay big money the classroom lighting a year students of malvision is obviously improved

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-06

professional institution to test the classroom lighting have a startling discovery

cause students of myopia, in addition to pose misconduct, read and write for a long time to watch TV, play computer, the partial eclipse picky about food, another is in too strong or too weak light reading and writing.

a girl is not tall, perched on the bridge of the nose gold-rimmed glasses and the lens is not thick, myopic degree in a couple of baidu. 'For short, I sat in the first row. Mother said, my myopia is related to old to sit in the first row. 'Later, the school vice principal LuoXinMiao confirms to the reporter, the relevant departments on the classroom environment inspection, found that the girls said problem does exist.

gala show take place, parents is the first second row. Express reporter recently done school seat little survey, the first and second row, in a lot of parents place look good. In fact, many students, especially the students of myopia, reluctant to sit in the first row. Because in the different locations of the classroom, the strength of the lighting is different.

why can hurt the students' vision on the strength of the traditional lamp? School professional institution to test the classroom lighting, the result was a startling discovery.

according to the relevant national standard, the classroom desktop illumination should be greater than or equal to 300 lx ( Lux, light intensity unit) , the appropriate intensity of illumination on the physiological lets a person feel comfortable, especially let your eyes relax, protect students' eyesight.

light source detection results show that before the reform, the traditional light six rows of seats, the first rule out the position of a window, the remaining five position, the light is not enough, the minimum is only 167 lx, far below the eyes comfort requirements for lighting. Just as bad, and the second row, the second row and the first row from bottom.

Locke said the principal, the impression that the traditional fluorescent lamp will stroboscopic, uneven illumination, the existence question, shouldn't the lighting gap between different location would be so big. 'So, from the point of illumination, the position of the first row, as well as the last row, with a significant impact on vision. '

junior high school students, three years in the classroom learning time an average of 3300 hours. So the school decided, reconstruction of classroom, improve the lighting condition of classroom, priority to ensure every corner of the classroom students enjoy adequate illumination. Students eyesight situation in the future, the school will consider to include them in one class assessment assessment content, 'a year of school, school of traditional recognition project 'big three cups of outstanding student award, also consider changes to protect eyesight LED lamp'.

zhejiang province education department and other departments of the latest release of comprehensively strengthen children's opinions on myopia prevention and control work, requires that promote the implementation of 'health classroom lighting' project to research and develop adolescent myopia prevention and control of local standards or industry standards, ensure that different weather, time, desktop, such as the blackboard healthy illumination on the surface of the appliance.

therefore, primary and secondary schools in hangzhou this year launched a lighting project, such as jianggan district will launch a comprehensive reform classroom lighting environment.

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