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Hangzhou accumulates promotion LED green lighting light source

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-28

it is understood that after nearly eight months of efforts, hangzhou 60 urban road brightening project has been completed on September 28, more than 75 kilometers, the total length of road, street light more than 5300 lamps.

from this year, hangzhou began to large area to promote the LED green lighting light source, 'lighting electricity accounted for over 15% of the electricity in the whole society, replace the current sodium lamp with LED light source, is the present stage is one of the effective means to adopt. 60000 lamp high pressure sodium lamp withdrew from the historical stage, and gradually update for new LED street light.

among them, before November this year, will take the lead to complete 10000 LED lights, transforming region related to elevated, scenic spots, important business district, etc. 3 tons.

street lamps energy-saving reform not only realize the city to improve the road lighting environment, energy conservation and emissions reduction goal, to set up low carbon city new image, improve the new grade of the city and it is of great significance for sustainable economic development.

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