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Hangzhou latest lighting plan has been approved

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-28

recently, the latest round of hangzhou - hangzhou city lighting lighting planning overall plan through the government approval. Planning covers hangzhou ten big city, with a total area of about 8000 square kilometers.

from the main scope of the biggest bright spot of this planning is the first time to extend urban whole domain, including xiaoshan, yuhang, fuyang and linan area. Unified planning on the macro overall plan, the micro on the refinement of district control technology, including but not limited to, guiding system of road lighting, create distinctive regional theme and night scene area.

from the ancient jiangnan water, to the emergence of the G20, now is an international tourist city of hangzhou, a power integrated economic development of hangzhou, so into the night lighting planning is inevitable trend.

planning first, depending on the city night landscape type, set up the corresponding optimal observation, but also break the traditional, single day travel scene, close a corresponding vigil for the design of the route, visitors also can depth swim freely, even in the night can view, mountain view, water can also view the city, feel the beauty of city night view in an all-round way.

in addition, the 'black sky protection ( 黑暗的天空) 'Is planning to introduce international advanced lighting planning technique is one of the results, for the domestic first.

planning team also set up the 'Asian games lighting designed article'. For functional lighting, landscape lighting made ChongDianXing requirements and indicative guidance, for the Asian games late implementation of the lighting 'escort'.

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