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health risks of high power led lights

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-03-28
LEDs are often referred to as LEDs and have multiple uses in automotive and home lighting, video display, and traffic signals.
The Led is energy efficient and can be used for three years.
Due to the mercury content in CFLs, they are also easier to recycle than compact fluorescent bulbs.
LED is a semiconductor diode that releases energy in the form of light when it is turned on.
There are several health issues that need attention when it comes to led.
Concerns about LEDs in the workplace are made from a toxic substance called Aluminum Arsenic aluminum or AGA.
A. said that there was not much information about the adverse health effects faced by workers exposed to these particles, but the increased use of AGA raised concerns about occupational exposure.
Tanaka, lead author of a study published in Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology.
However, the semiconductor material AGA has been scientifically proven to be toxic to animals.
Chronic and acute toxicity can cause kidney, lung and reproductive organ problems in animals, Tanaka noted.
With this in mind, Tanaka recommends paying more attention to human exposure to this semiconductor material.
The LED lights that consumers are concerned about are being criticized by people who are worried about causing damage to the eye\'s retina.
The accumulation of cell fragments in retinal pigment epithelial cells called fat fusion is the cause of damage.
However, the degree of damage that the LED light may cause depends on the built-in-
According to Dan Roberts, amd support director, a non-profit organization in Missouri, to protect the product.
The larger and brighter the source of illumination, the greater its potential risk to the retina.
The small white LEDs in the lights are unlikely to cause many problems, Roberts said.
Other factors include distance and whether you have taken reasonable precautions.
For example, the International Committee of non-governmental organizations
Ionization radiation protection recommends that you do not observe the light box at close range in more than 100 seconds.
The EPA points out that LEDs are directional lights, which means they don\'t glow 360 degrees like CFLs.
Blue light is more likely to cause harm to the retina of those who are prone to retinal problems due to aging, environmental, genetic or health habits, Roberts said.
Good NewsLED lights are actually less likely to cause adverse health effects than others
Efficient bulbs such as compact spotlights--
Because they don\'t produce what the author Ann Lewis giltman calls \"dirty electricity \".
CFLS \"dirty electricity\" can lead to chronic fatigue syndrome characterized by muscle soreness, weakness and fatigue, and can also lead to headaches, depression, pain, dizziness, amnesia, or confusion, she said;
Impaired sleep.
Vitality Magazine article Paul Henderson points out that if you choose CFLs instead of led, you can use filters to fight against \"dirty electricity\", \"Why is your appliance making you sick.
Henderson noted that \"some people are more likely to be affected by\" dirty electricity \"because of electrical allergies or EHS.
According to the World Health Organization, EHS is characterized by a variety of non-
Specific and different individuals.
Who says these symptoms are real and may even be disability issues, although they may be due to other environmental factors such as poor indoor air quality or poor ergonomic design at computer workstations
There were no EHS diagnostic criteria as of 2010.
WHO recommends that doctors focus on health symptoms rather than the perceived need to eliminate or reduce exposure to \"dirty electricity \".
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