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Hebei xingtai ningjin map quickening construction of urban intelligent street lamp

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-27

it is reported that recently, hebei province xingtai ningjin map for each road in the city cable aging serious, street lamp failure rate increased year by year, seriously affect the normal lighting at night, in the city take the lead in using the latest EMC management mode, for county urban area 15 main street lighting energy-saving retrofit, accelerate the urban construction of intelligent street lamp.

it is understood that the project without any increase in operating costs, without the need to finance, the main streets in urban areas, more than 4900 street lamp for replacement, the original all change become high photosynthetic efficiency LED energy-saving lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp replacement cable over 20000 meters, the new light pole 170 base, and installed street lamp intelligent control system. Through transforming, road illumination ascend more than 3 times, power saving rate reaches more than 65%.

reports suggest that at the completion of the first street light energy-saving renovation project, on the basis of ningjin map urban management bureau will intelligent street lamp construction carried out within the scope of the city, and will further strengthen the construction of urban nightscape lighting landscape, designs city-lighting intelligent monitoring is established.

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