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Hefei wuhu road ascending engineering plan release will create splendid surroundings at night

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-11

as we have learned, hefei, ma on shan road and elevated (hatosy avenue Phase ii) And upgrading wuhu road along the building engineering is about to start, will build the theme of 'aggregates in wuhu road, hefei city' the magnificent at night.

according to different structure characteristics of wuhu road on both sides of road construction, style, and the location environment, through the reasonable layout of lamplight and light rhythm, strong or weak change change, make the building under the light dress up, show beautiful and elegant. And learn from the history of hefei culture, shape a static or dynamic, and also young beautiful picture scroll. , according to the relevant person in charge of hefei municipal office of wuhu road will create a light alive and boisterous atmosphere, one scene with light and shadow on the ground floor rich rhythm changes, to the citizens and tourists bring modern metropolis full of contemporary feeling.

the wuhu road and huizhou avenue interchange, will explain the concept of an era through the light, let building itself embodies the rhythmic beauty and innovation. At the same time by means of science and technology, make the light comes in a variety of forms, light artistic space, give a person with visual enjoyment. Along the road of wuhu in anhui province is the library the rich culture of traditional architecture, to use modern lighting art, through the combination of traditional architecture and modern art, the freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting light and shadow a paint. Anhui opera is through to the carrier and the present situation of construction fully analyzed, through science, art, lighting design, through the change of light and shadow, present the beauty of nature, history, art of hefei. Anhui medical college, the fourth ShiBaZhong building facade adopts wash wall, cross stars lighting system, combining present a different color. As a fashion symbol of wanda plaza, the commercial building, glass curtain wall with solid wall combined with architectural form depicted as a beautiful picture scroll, buildings and lights like nature itself, application of aesthetic principles to get incisively and vividly.

and ma on shan road - hatosy avenue elevated along the route will be classified according to the function of the building property, choose corresponding lighting technique and method, in order to reduce light pollution. Among them, the administrative class construction is given priority to with white, warm white, the administrative office buildings lighting should be combined with the nature of the building, the function and architectural style, highlight the lighting effect of solemn, generous. Commercial building lighting should be warm, fashion, the more is given priority to with warm color department and color changes, contemporary feeling strong, can increase the dynamic effect; Office buildings that can show the modern office environment, to adjust the light color can be according to the building itself. Culture and education buildings can choose the colour of lively light to increase the active atmosphere show the lively vitality of new generation. Residential building is given priority to with warm color attune, increasing the differentiation between the building and increase in the area of the building in a small amount of color foil, is also planning to early to live with echo. Industrial class building lighting in the light of reason, science and technology for the idea, use the lamps and lanterns of high performance to achieve.

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