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Hefei yao area will all street lamp replacement for LED energy-saving light source

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-01

according to yao hai issued reports, yao area, hefei municipal garden green tube center actively explore effective measures to improve the level of city street lamp lighting energy saving. Since late October, hefei municipal department launched the furnace area Luo Gang road and abundant LeTing road lamp sample renovation project, mainly for 41 lamp lighting system of high pressure sodium lamp energy saving renovation, concrete is all the existing high pressure sodium lamp lighting replacement for LED energy-saving light source, in order to reduce the power loss of road lighting system. So far, two road pilot reform work is complete.

next, hefei municipal place according to the eastern city primary and secondary trunk road, city branch, and the transformation, the maintenance of back streets and roads specific illumination requirements, combining with the characteristics of lighting energy-saving equipment, the implementation of construction energy conservation transformation, lighting city as a whole.

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