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Help fight 'disease'! 100000 yuan compassion supplies to jinan chengguan sinking community members

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-28

the epidemic prevention and control, everyone is a protagonist. Feb. 10 in the morning, love enterprise shandong o f municipal engineering co. , LTD. , chairman li qiang, a line came to jinan urban management bureau, will be a batch of goods and materials donated to love a line addition to jinan urban management bureau sinking to the community the epidemic prevention and control of the party members, help the party members to work better, at the same time, a heart from love enterprise and respects.

9, a very brief donation ceremony was held in the urban management bureau compound. Subsequently, shandong o f municipal engineering co. , LTD. Donated 100000 yuan worth of 50 cases of milk and 50 boxes of instant noodles, 50 cases of ham sausage and 50 tents love goods, send by love enterprise vehicles in a timely manner to jinan chengguan sinking to the flyover golden sunshine community, HuaiYin District xin yuan community such as resistance to disease of the party members.

activities the scene, li qiang told reporters that in epidemic prevention and control of runoff, hoped everybody confidence, don't tale, do not believe a rumor, pulling up and down, unity is strength, war 'epidemic' must win! 'Companies should have the feelings, needs in the society, the rich pay, powerful output, wish our great motherland will eliminate the epidemic, we will be more and more strong, China, come on! 'The reporter understands, since the outbreak, the compassion enterprise purchase keep-warm glass, masks and other items to a gleam of sanitation workers in the city, to the licheng district donation of 100000 yuan of QuanFu street agency power resistance to disease and so on, has accumulated donations will reach 750000 yuan.

the city urban management bureau chief Wang Daozhong, city urban management law enforcement team division marshal de-shan zhang and its advertising and lighting management, social mobilization, authority for the relevant person in charge of the party committee to participate in this activity. Thanks Wang Daozhong to compassion enterprise ACTS of kindness. Outbreak is the command, control and prevention is the responsibility, the next step, jinan urban management system will continue to assist and epidemic prevention is not relaxed, at the same time better practice of the development of the thought of 'people centered', continue to promote the city fine management, make urban environment more clean and orderly, is determined to win the outbreak of war contribute more chengguan force.

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