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Henan implementation 'LED lighting + visible light communication technology popularization and application

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-28

with the aid of LED lights, can realize high-speed Internet access, it is becoming a reality. On May 27, the reporter learns from the henan province department of science, in the henan cloud optoelectronics technology co. , LTD. To implement the 'semiconductor lighting system into the visible light communication technology development and application of' provincial major r&d projects, has passed expert group acceptance.

the project research and development of all technology products with independent intellectual property rights, take the lead in the domestic implementation of the application of LED lighting + VLC, both in the domestic leading technology and application, fill in the blank of domestic technology, and reached the international advanced level, will drive a group of related industries, such as chip industry, communications industry, the LED lighting products, such as application industry development. The project technology applied in tongbai whole city LED street light energy-saving city franchise improvement project, form the direct economic benefit of 98. 29 million yuan.

it is known that the LED lighting + VLC technology, save power more than traditional lighting products. After the project, can realize complete application in 2. 40000 1. 8 million light indoor lamps of high power LED street light, LED lamps and lanterns and 17. 40000 other lamps and lanterns. Under the same lighting conditions, the total power saving 70. 08 million kilowatt-hours a year, can save 4204 for the user. 80000 yuan, or reduce sulfur dioxide emissions of 2102 each year. 4 tons, save BiaoMei 2. 5. 2 billion tons. Than wi-fi, VLC build Li - Fi have a higher information transmission bandwidth, high transmission efficiency, the secrecy good, the future can be used with wi-fi complementary.

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