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Henan province first 'zebra crossing' wisdom at zhengzhou

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-27

recently, the first in henan province 'zebra crossing' wisdom at zhengzhou city overpass a layer of Chinese redbud mountain.

the zebra crossing 'wisdom' system is composed of LED floor tile and vertical signal light box, on both sides of the intelligent zebra crossing and intersection traffic lane you place respectively, laying the floor tile can light, zebra crossing starting respectively set up a vertical signal light boxes on both sides, if there is a pedestrian behavior through a red light, the whole process will be illegal signal light box at the top of the hd camera automatically capture, lawbreaker photographs on the spot will be exposed to light box on the LED display.

as the change of road lights, zebra crossing, the floor tile can shine light on both sides with presents two colors, red, green, green light, the light tile display is flashing green; When the red light, shining floor tile is displayed as flashing red, make the pavement is particularly eye-catching.

in the future, 'zebra crossing' wisdom will continue in urban traffic was larger sections of installation, to help guide the pedestrian travel civilization.

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