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Henan road lighting spot check all qualified LED lighting products

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-27

according to the original in henan province quality technology supervision bureau website on July 5, 2019, news, since the first quarter of 2019, market supervision and administration in the production organization in henan province has carried out in 2019 the first batch of sneakers of 31 kinds of product quality supervision and spot check. Among them, the sample of zhengzhou, anyang, zhoukou, jiaozuo, hebi 5 five of the provincial-level enterprise production of 10 batches of road lighting LED lighting products, upon examination, 10 batches of products all accord with a standard to ask.

this spot check according to GB/T 24907 - 2010 'road lighting LED lamp performance requirements', GB 7000. 1 - 2015 part 1 general requirements and test of lamps and lanterns, GB 7000. 203 - 2013 'lamps and lanterns - 2 Part 3: special requirements road and street lighting lamps and lanterns 'and' the henan province in 2019 the first batch of road lighting LED lighting products quality supervision and spot check the implementation plan, prevent to get an electric shock of road lighting LED lights products, lamp power, power factor, initial luminous efficacy, color features, such as harmonic current project has carried on the inspection.

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