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Highway Lighting Solution

Expressway lighting has its particularity. The original intention of expressway lighting is to ensure the safety of vehicles driving on the road under various conditions, to ensure drivers' safe driving, and to improve the urban environment by increasing the comfort, convenience, and safety of night traffic operation. Low glare and high uniformity are the most important factors in highways street lighting design. 


The main function of street lamp design is to provide sufficient and uniform illumination and brightness for the road surface at night, avoid glare causing visual fatigue and even danger and improve the visibility of objects in front. Efficient road lighting provides a comfortable driving environment and is the main way to save energy. CHZ Lighting provides high-quality highway lighting devices and professional lighting solutions. Let's take a look at our product line.

LED Lighting For Highway

Highway is different from ordinary urban roads. Its main function is to provide a safe, high-speed and smooth driving environment for motor vehicles to pass through. At night, reflective signs, anti-glare facilities and roadside contour marks are mainly used to ensure smooth traffic and driving safety at night.

However, the installation of lighting facilities on the highwaway is conducive to providing a continuous landscape sightseeing belt for the city and improving the image of the city.

Highway Tunnel Lighting

The highway lighting classification is divided into different types according to different needs.
1. Straight line lighting of the road section

2. Bend lighting of the road section

3. Bridge lighting

4. Overpass deck lighting

5. Toll plaza lighting

6. Toll ceiling lighting

7 Tunnel lighting among them, tunnel lighting is divided into entrance section lighting, basic section lighting, and exit lighting Section lighting, long tunnels also include light reduction measures approaching the section, leading hole lighting, etc. 

When the vehicle enters and exits the tunnel, the driver's vision will go through two processes of dark adaptation and light adaptation. Highway tunnels should provide adaptive lighting that meets the driver's visual and physiological requirements, and the uniformity of brightness and glare indicators during lighting should meet the requirements of tunnel lighting.

Highway Toll Plaza Lighting

The toll plaza is an important part of the expressway. It must have good lighting at night so that vehicles can see the corresponding toll window and accurately understand the vehicle situation at the toll station when entering the toll station. Only in this way can we ensure that the charging work is carried out quickly and orderly, and avoid vehicle collisions and congestion accidents. Toll plazas usually choose a symmetrical arrangement on both sides for the reasonable arrangement of lighting fixtures in toll plazas. Whether to use high pole lighting or low pole lighting depends on the specific placement of street lights and the characteristics of the two lighting methods.

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CHZ Lighting case | lighting solution Led Street Lighting and Led Flood Lighting Products in Buenos Aires (Argentina)

CHZ Lighting case | lighting solution Led Street Lighting and Led Flood Lighting Products in Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Professional lighting solution Led Street Lighting and Led Flood Lighting |CHZ Using CHZ lighting products CHZ-ST29 & CHZ-FL27 & CHZ-FL13 led outdoor lights

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CHZ lighting case | PROJECTS - Public led lighting in LALUEZA (HUESCA)

Public led lighting project in LALUEZA (HUESCA) CHZ Lighting has always adhered to high standards and has successfully passed ISO9000 product quality system certification, ISO14000 environmental quality system certification, and ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system certification. At the same time, the products have obtained ENEC+, TUV Mark, ENEC (CLASS I & CLASS II), CB, CE, ROHS and many other international standards. Products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions in the world. In the market development, we always adhere to the customer demand as the orientation, constantly develop new products, successively open branches in Spain, the United States, Nigeria, and other branches, and established regional storage centers to respond quickly, improve service quality and achieve a good brand.

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