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Hong Kong telecommunications out wisdom bar roadmap, 3. 770000 lights will mount 5 g base stations

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-01

recently, the news that Hong Kong telecom release lever wisdom plan - — Hong Kong about one 6 of the light pole will be used to mount the 5 g base station equipment, cause the discussion.

the following roadmap for wisdom bar:

according to the Hong Kong telecom planning, the future will mount a light pole 2 AAU device, belongs to different direction, two district covers every area coverage is 150 - 180 meters.

this means that each interval 6 light pole distance will need to use a light pole to mount 2 AAU equipment, to achieve continuous full cover the whole city streets.

it is reported that Hong Kong is about 22. 620000 light pole, and every two light pole spacing between 30 - 60 meters, most within 50 meters. According to the Hong Kong telecom planning, Hong Kong about one 6 of the light pole will be used to mount the 5 g base station equipment, which is 3. 770000.

3 years, 400! Tree multi-functional intelligent light appeared after Hong Kong

after the Hong Kong SAR government for multi-function intelligent lamp test plan, the first stage in kwun tong and the kai tak development area about 50 root wisdom lamp installation, the second phase will be erected at central and admiralty, causeway bay, and wan chai wisdom lamppost.

installed 50 root wisdom light look just like the trunk of the tree, lamp arm incarnation as green leaves, in addition to the lighting features, also with the detection of traffic flow, collection of meteorological data, etc.

as we have learned, multi-functional intelligent lamp test plan for three years, the SAR government will be more people in Hong Kong in the four areas, namely, central and admiralty, causeway bay, wan chai, Tsim Sha Tsui, kwun tong and the kai tak development area, lamp installed in stages of about 400 root wisdom.

but as a result of a series of recent events of the port, the 'multi-functional intelligent light' test plan estimated not to proceed. Nodule

in the domestic guangdong, jiangsu, Macao and other regions in construction of wisdom light pole, Hong Kong has a passionate to join the construction, spending up to 2. 7. 2 billion yuan.

5 g era, opportunities. According to the city centre for the study of prediction of wisdom in 2020, driven by the 5 g base station construction global wisdom light pole market space will amount to 117. 6 billion yuan, a huge market 'cake'.

opportunity is here, who can capture? Looking forward to together!

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