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Hong Kong will be installed this year hundreds of intelligent street lamp with a sensor

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-10

today, in the process of wisdom urban construction, every day there are a large number of sensors and systems. We know that wisdom city construction needs a large number of sensors' equipment, used to collect the massive information data of the city. As a result, the city street lamps became the wisdom of city is the most convenient information collection entrance. At home and abroad in recent years, the city began in the street lamp equipment installed on the smart camera, intelligent information, such as sensor iot sensor devices.

Hong Kong will be installed 400 intelligent street lamp

according to media reports, the end of June, 2019, Hong Kong will be in kwun tong and the kai tak development area by the roadside, 50 multi-functional intelligent street lamp installation is complete. These wisdom light detection of traffic flow and collecting meteorological data, and other functions, the most intelligent device in a scape or circular enclosure.

as we have learned, intelligent traffic detectors are installed on the street lamp light pole and panoramic camera, can record the vehicle type, speed and traffic flow data, to assist in the transport department traffic surveillance. In addition, light pole with meteorological sensor, the sensor can collect data such as temperature, humidity, wind speed and rainfall, by light pole installed air quality sensor, can monitor and collect the regional air quality data, support the Hong Kong observatory and the environmental protection agency (epa) related work.

in addition, the future will also be equipped with wi-fi hot spots on the light pole and related network equipment, light pole has reserved space, for mobile network operators to install 5 g service to a small basestation, 5 g services to meet Hong Kong's future development. Is expected by the end of 2019, in central, admiralty, wanchai, Hong Kong and furnish the same wisdom, causeway bay, street lamp, then to Tsim Sha Tsui, at that time, a total of about 400 intelligent street lamp installation. The relevant departments will be put into service in the first batch of intelligent street lamp examination results, a year later and ask their citizens, the whole test plan for three years.

intelligent street lamp market profile

so, wisdom lights gradually become the unity of the urban road infrastructure hosting platform. This is because, intelligent street lamp has a natural carrying capacity, can make full use of intelligent street lamp integration face-recognition cameras, WIFI probe, emergency alarm, and other functions, integrated cameras, widely applied in Ann city, face recognition, understand 'project, the wisdom wisdom city applications such as traffic, intelligent parking system.

related forecast that by 2021, street lamps with wisdom for the entrance of the size of the market for a variety of hardware and services 3. 7 trillion yuan, accounting for 20% of the wisdom urban total market size.

at present, in 2019, Taiwan will also be gradually promote intelligent street lamp import plan: taoyuan will Po planning for wisdom city test site, while Taipei through the pilot intelligent street lamp, street light network as a powerful platform for the Internet of things, the import intelligent lighting, security warning, traffic and people counting, parking space monitoring function. According to the plan, the Taipei 2019 building 1. 260000 light intelligent street lamp, three years is expected to gradually expand to the whole Taipei, over 110000 total construction intelligent street lamp.

actually, not just in Hong Kong, Taiwan, currently, in foreign countries, there are a number of cities, such as New York has alternative plan.

the industry generally believe that, artificial intelligence, edge calculation, united platform, 5 g communications and super gateways will be the future development direction of intelligent street lamp. In this background, mode, the comprehensive deployment of sensor types and cooperative engagement, will also become very important.

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