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Hong Kong wisdom light plan is expected to continue, as will protect privacy lamp or 'stupid'

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-26

March 9 news, Hong Kong multi-functional intelligent light technical advisory committee agreed that wisdom lamp is the wisdom of Hong Kong city development and promoting the construction of 5 g network infrastructure, the SAR government should continue to pursue wisdom lamp test plan.

bring kwun tong kai tak development area and wisdom light

the SAR government announced on March 9, select committee report submitted to the director of the SAR government information technology office. , according to a report by the comprehensive review wisdom lamp design and operation, and after the application function and technology, the committee supported the government in wisdom a lamppost devices without privacy issues. Device including the light emitting diode ( 领导) Lamp, meteorological sensors, air quality sensor, heat detectors, radio frequency identification ( RFID) Labels, geographic qr code and as a bluetooth transmitter for confirm the lamppost geographic location. Privacy issues on the application of the part in response to the public attention, better safeguard the privacy of science and technology commission recommended solution, instead of the camera and bluetooth detector.

this, chuangke industry concerns the move will make wisdom light 'stupid', including the police crack down on crime.

senior engineers Zhao Bingquan professors believe that the most important thing is that the data will be given the right to use, has a legal basis to protect data, rather than a collection were well 啱 ( Wrong) 。 'He in favour of the normal use of data, rather than' cut toe worm avoidance '( Describe worries too much about something happened, and take over the top protective measures) Cut to the camera, or wisdom light will throw a lot of 'stupid'.

Zhao Bingquan, according to data collected by the camera, was used for analysis after stream of people nearby, improve traffic, etc. , without this feature, will be affected. And he said, for example, the camera will help children recover lost and more help to maintain order, to deter crime. Cuhk, associate dean of engineering Foreign) And innovation of science and technology center director wong kam fai also think, if wisdom light lost camera, although by thermal detection can help to statistics and crowd control, but the function is reduced greatly. Wong kam fai, points out that the camera can help to prevent crimes, protect the role of social security, 'if the Check to the crowd, can know someone might invade, twenty-four hours. '

committee recommended to enter into a strict, credible and transparent governance system, intelligent lamp need before installing any new application for review and approval, and will be published about the decision to people. Body and the committee convener of the government information technology director Vincent wai lam Joe said that the SAR government is on the basis of the commission's recommendations, revised test plan and execution of the application of arrangement, for the district council continue program.

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