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Horst center and the fraunhofer institute for research and development of global longest OLED

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-01

according to foreign media reports, the global leader in innovation and research institutions horst center (in the Netherlands 霍尔斯特中心) And Germany's fraunhofer institute for FEP ( Fraunhofer FEP) Announced that they have developed the world's longest OLED, for up to 15 meters ( 49. 2 feet) 。

this invention or will lead to the technology greatly reduced the production cost, and this is what has prevented the OLED as building one of the main difficulties and general lighting widely used light source.

over the years, OLED has long been known as the future of the lighting industry, because they can be integrated into the building structure, intensifying, decorations, and almost all the other items, especially those of flexible fabric.

although OLED at present has been used to television and a few small device screen, but it does not achieve a wider range of applications.

the Netherlands horst center and fraunhofer institute for FEP has tried for more than ten years, with perfect called volume to volume ( R2R) It is through this process, the production process, also just had the nearly 50 inches of OLED products.

horst center project manager Pim Groen, said: 'the volume of production is expected to provide OLED flexible electronic applications such as lower cost and higher yield. Horst center for more than 10 years, we have been developing a unique solution coating volume on the production line. The exhibition of 15 meters OLED fully shows that this technique can achieve industrialization and mass OLED and provide economic and efficient production. '

in the European Union started to push up to 14 million euros of OLED lighting technology project, under the support of horst center and the fraunhofer institute for FEP work together, to achieve commercial R2R OLED technology. Partners in a joint statement said: 'horst center and the fraunhofer institute for FEP has successfully proved the possibility of continuous production of any length OLED. This solution not only reduces the production cost, but also for the materials, including transportation, construction and interior design, the application of provides a suitable light source. '

in this paper the production technology, they pointed out:' this is the first to use the unique R2R process of OLED light source, through the horst center and fraunhofer institute for FEP common efforts, finally developed a good uniformity, under the light output of 1000 CD/m 2 15 lm/W is a the OLED products. '

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