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How do current solar street light manufacturers face huge market competition

by:CHZ     2021-07-13
Based on the business philosophy of people-oriented and technological innovation, Changhui solar street light manufacturers deeply develop various high-end solar lighting products. They have a deep understanding of this new type of energy. The following Changhui lighting experts briefly analyze several characteristics of solar lighting. :  1. Bio-conversion efficiency: It is used to collect and store solar radiation energy through photosynthesis. Research in this area is waiting for breakthrough progress.   2. Photochemical conversion efficiency: This is mainly to convert solar energy into electricity through photochemical action. The research in this area is already in the Ru0026D and development stage. At present, solar lighting products such as solar street lights use the characteristics of solar energy to generate electricity. Its application fields are also relatively wide and the development prospects are very broad;   3, allow heat conversion Efficacy: It converts the absorbed solar energy into heat energy, but the conversion temperature generated in this way is generally relatively low, which is suitable for direct use.   In the face of the current market situation, how should solar street light manufacturers face these huge market competitions? We can only ask our own technology to continuously improve, use higher technology to improve the shortcomings of products, and even use high technology to reduce the production cost of enterprises, so that we can become a leader in the solar lighting industry among many enterprises.

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