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How do solar panels work, what is the principle

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-07

is how to work for solar panels, believe that there are more people will feel curious, by the solar panels below small make up a detailed introduction for you.

small make up to crystalline silicon n/p type solar cell, as an example. Its working principle is a p-type and n-type semiconductor semiconductor closely together, the border of the two places are p - N junction, when the photocell by sunlight exposure, p - N junction of both sides is the accumulation of will have a positive load, then there will be light voltage.

solar street light equipment are: solar controller, battery, etc. Solar controller is used for battery overcharge protection, discharge protection purposes. In difference in temperature is different, the effect of temperature to supplement.

when a light is the purpose of the battery to store electrical energy emitted from the solar panels, no need to release. And inverter. Its purpose is to make the solar power system dc conversion ac power, so it's will need to use the inverter, efficiency is more important for inverter, so the quality of the inverter for the benefit of the power system is a decision.

how about solar panels work, what is the principle, the content of the small make up is introduced here, supply content into your reference, the company's main service including the solar panels, so when you needed, something about the can with your company.

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