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How do solar street lamps in the process of charging for protection

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-16

the solar street light is in the modern society, to cope with environmental requirements and appear, and the rapid popularization of a street lamp, because the main energy is solar energy, its use is generally during the day, absorb solar energy stored in the battery, will be powered by battery at night to feed LED lights, and in this process, the solar energy street light charging process requires attention, if not enough protective measures, is likely to cause the damage of the battery, how should protect the solar street light? Let's look at.

1, straight charge point set, in general, battery charging, it can accept the current there is a guard point, and recharged within the guard point, and will not damage to the battery, than can cause damage, so point is the first line of protection, in the use of solar street lamps need to pay attention to this problem, must not exceed this limit.

2, uniform control point set, because in the process of filling, want to be difficult to operate, so also can charge the battery by using uniform control way, simply is the charging time to block solar street lamps, once reached a certain voltage, it will stop charging, continue the operation until the voltage drop, this approach is generally used in large solar street light, because of the small battery capacity is limited, solar street lamps set uniform control points.

in order to ensure the normal use of solar street lights, at the time of charging naturally needs some protection measures.

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