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How do solar street lights work

How do solar street lights work


Solar street lights use sunlight as energy source. They are charged during the day and used at night. There is no need for complicated and expensive pipeline laying. The layout of the lamps can be adjusted arbitrarily. It is safe, energy-saving and pollution-free. It is stable and reliable without manual operation and saves electricity costs and maintenance.

Solar street lights are mainly composed of the following parts:

1. LED light source (including driver)

2. Solar panels

3. Controller

4. Battery

5. Street lamp pole (including foundation) and accessories and wires

★ working principle:

The solar panel converts light energy into electric energy, which is rectified and charged into the battery. The battery current is stabilized by the power module and then input to the lighting lamp! When light shines on the solar panel during the day, the solar panel converts the light energy into electric energy. Electric energy is stored in lithium batteries through wires. When the light becomes weak in the evening, the controller senses that the light becomes weak and will control the lithium battery to deliver the stored electric energy to the lamp holder, thus lighting the solar street light. According to the time of night and the location of solar street lights. The lighting time of the street lamp is early or late, depending on the capacity of the lithium battery, the lighting time is between 6-12 hours.

★ RFQ:

1. Where to put the battery

Traditional solar street lights are generally recommended to be buried in the ground; integrated solar street lights, using lithium batteries, are all packaged together.

2. Direct current and inverter AC problems

At present, solar street lights adopt DC system, 12V or 24V. No additional inverter is required.

3. How does the photovoltaic controller work

Briefly summarized from the perspective of its function, the port voltage of the battery panel during the day is higher than the battery voltage, the controller will reduce it to a certain suitable range voltage, charge the battery to protect the battery and prolong its life; when the voltage is lower than a certain value, control The charger will disconnect the battery board from the battery. When lighting is needed, the controller will connect the battery and the lamps to form a closed loop.

4. After the battery is full

 If the battery is full, the controller will also disconnect the closed circuit formed by the battery board and the battery, so that it will no longer be charged.

5. Battery powers street lights

 It is controlled by the solar street light controller.

6. Where to put the controller

It is usually placed inside the light pole near the appliance door.

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