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How high rural street lights are more reasonable

by:CHZ     2021-07-15
With the changes of the times, street lights have also been installed in rural streets. At night, every household’s door is bright. For rural street lights, most of the main streets in rural areas are represented by solar-powered rural street lights, but rural street lights in small streets It may still be fixed on a pole made of cement, wood, iron or other materials, but they are all inseparable, that is, the height of the street lamp is proportional to the wattage of the lamp holder.
As for how high rural street lamps are installed, the effect is best, or how high is more reasonable. You can choose the corresponding street lamps according to the recommendation of the seller, because there are many factors to consider when installing rural street lamps. The biggest factor is how many roads there are in the village. If the road is wide, there will be more rural street lights. Therefore, the important thing to choose the configuration of the rural street lights is to look at the width of the road in the village, and then determine the height of the rural street lights and the wattage of the LED lamp holders. Another factor is the width of the road in the village. More than 5 meters wide, 6 meters of rural street lights are equipped with sufficient rural lighting and high brightness. If an unprofessional and incomprehensible person installs a 7-meter in the village, it will not only be a waste but also increase the cost. So when choosing to install rural street lights, do not blindly follow the trend. Requirements! It is very important to install the street lamp configuration suitable for rural roads, not only applicable but also economical.

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