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How much do you know about solar garden lights

by:CHZ     2021-07-11
When it comes to courtyard lights, many people will immediately think of the plots of large houses that appeared on TV in ancient times. There is no way to connect with the current solar courtyard lights. Now many private courtyards use solar courtyard lights to achieve lighting. Work, at the same time, to a certain extent, greatly reduces energy consumption, which meets the requirements of modern economic and social construction.   At present, in the solar garden light sales market, according to its different design concepts, it can be roughly divided into three types: European garden lights, modern garden lights, and classical garden lights. Among them, the design inspiration of European-style courtyard lights mainly relies on the classical culture of Western countries, and the products designed are mostly influenced by ancient Greece and ancient Rome, exuding a strong classic atmosphere; and the design concepts of modern courtyards mostly come from the field of fashion. The elements used greatly highlight the strong sense of the times, and generally adopt simple techniques to express art; finally, let’s get to know those classical courtyard lamps, which are mostly designed with classical Chinese elements. Traditional Chinese knots are designed on the lanterns, and the main color is jet black. In coordination, without losing dignity. At the lamp head, the typesetting of ancient Chinese poems was also designed, creating a beautiful picture of Linjiang recitation and the independent long pavilion, which makes modern people admire it.  How to clean the solar garden light:   Solar garden light is a widely used outdoor lighting fixture. Because the existence of solar garden lights provides convenience to people's outdoor life, and the maintenance of solar garden lights is to better extend the service life of garden lights and give play to its lighting advantages. Our Changhui solar street light manufacturer will talk about how to maintain the solar garden light, and hope that the responsible gardening department can strengthen the maintenance of the garden light. 1. The cleaning of solar garden lights. Because garden lights are often exposed to the outdoors and experience wind and rain, there will be more dust on the lighting of general garden lights. Regularly wipe off the dust with a wet rag to keep the light pole clean as new . When wiping, pay attention to wiping in one direction, keep the action at a moderate strength, and act gently for the fragile parts.  2. Cleaning the interior of the lighting. In some cases, we will clean the bulb. At this time, you should first make sure to turn off the garden lights first, remove the bulbs and then wipe them, which will be safer. If you want to wipe directly, please be careful not to tighten the bulb clockwise too much, otherwise it will peel off due to over tightening.  Understanding some of the above knowledge of solar garden lights, it helps us to choose the one we love most when choosing garden lights. No matter what kind of solar garden lights, it enhances the infinite style of the residence.

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