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How much is the solar panel use time

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-07

by the solar panel manufacturers to introduce the solar panels below use time, how much is for reference only.

when the type of solar panels is toughened glass laminated packaging, the use of time is in 25 years, the PET laminated packaging solar panels use time is five to eight years in this way; When the solar panels were drops of plastic packaging, the use of their time in two years to three years in this way, most of the solar panels on the market at present is laminated tempered glass encapsulation.

photovoltaic modules using time is through the power generation efficiency, including the degree of the combination of the p-n junction, silicon purity is affect of electricity generated by the solar panels in the sunlight intensity, slowly, the p-n junction is constantly broken, with the decrease of the efficiency is, wait until 25 years after its efficiency is decreased to eighty-five percent.

which affect the use time of solar panels are: hot spot effect and environmental factors. Of hot spot effect is referring to normal work is covered with small objects for battery components, thereby monomer battery produced by the current will be smaller, when in the production technology is insufficient, will cause a monomer battery internal resistance is uneven, when resistance is uneven, the cell is easy to produce hot spots, and then the phenomenon of hot spots, the harm of cell is bigger, so is a whole battery of component is to burn.

environment, degree of snow and ice load is such as to is the time of the battery will have an effect.

about the use time of panels, solar panel manufacturers to introduce here, hope you can help to you.

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