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how switching to the latest in led can cut help farm …

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-01
Most farms have different light around the place, and many have been in use since Garret FitzGerald was a naughty bag.
This is perfectly reasonable because the technology in the bulb has not changed for a long time.
We need to look at the light bulb in different ways.
The wattage on the side of the lid still gives you a rough idea of the power of the bulb
For example, 40w or 60 w-
But a more useful guide on how much power to use is to look at lumens.
Or give them a proper name, Luming/Watt (lm/W).
This is just a way to measure how much light the bulb emits.
That\'s exactly the type of information you want, it\'s written on each bulb.
It tells you the amount of light that the human eye can see, and therefore better than the wattage, the wattage only tells you the amount of electricity flowing into the light.
Another important term is lux.
It takes into account the area in which the light travels.
The traditional tungsten filament incandescent lamp has a history of more than 100 years, but the efficiency is very low.
Only 5 pcs of power they use turn into visible light.
So if you still have a couple of old 100 watt bulbs hanging above the dusty corners of the workshop, throw them away now --
They use more power than you think.
Halogen lamps use filaments, but operate at a higher temperature, which is a little more efficient than tungsten wires.
The EU started phasing out in 2013, but you \'d better replace them anyway.
Compact fluorescent lamp (CFL)
Use gas in a glass tube equipped with electricity until it glows and glows.
Use of energy-saving lamps 70-
80 computers less than the old ones.
Style bulbs that last up to 10 times so you don\'t need to throw them away yet.
However, they are gradually being eliminated by LEDs.
Fluorescent tubes (strip lights)
Traditionally, it has always been a good source of efficient and effective light, still widely present in most grain shops, workshops and Batten houses.
They will last for a while, but will need a new startup every few years, or they will flash with irritation.
You can still replace the old one.
School fluorescent tubes with new fluorescent tubes, but it\'s getting harder and harder to find some sizes. A new 4ft (1. 2m)tube (36Watt)
It will cost you about 3 euros.
However, it may be better to pay 4ft 14 of 7 euros.
5w LED or 5ft 20w LED 10 euro for brighter and more efficient replacement.
You never know that it can improve your welding skills completely.
Sodium lamps have been present since 1930 and they have low and high pressure versions.
They are mainly used for street lighting, but are ideal for anywhere around the farm that needs to be illuminated all night.
What is the difference between a metal halogen lamp and a high halogen lamp
They are all part of HID (high-
Intensity Discharge)
But the metal halogen bulb gives white light, while the sodium bulb is orange.
You can\'t exchange them everywhere. A high-
Pressure sodium lamp will last 12,000
24,000 hours, while metal halogen lamps will last between 10,000 and 15,000 hours.
However, the latest LED yard light will give you more money.
There are still plenty of glass bulbs in the grain shop, but ideally they should be replaced with LED polycarbonate that cannot be broken.
If you want better lighting levels and lower power costs, you should look for the latest LED lighting equipment to reduce power usage. A 150-
The 200 lux rating can stand working 18 hours a day.
In winter, the lights become more difficult when dealing with higher humidity.
In addition, ammonia on cattle can be difficult on accessories.
This may not be a problem, but if you want to bring a beltand-
Braces method, looking for IP level.
You can choose ip66 if you want to be sure.
If you want better light in the shed
Bay LED lights with a viewing angle of 120 ° are ideal, and cattle also like LED lights because they don\'t like the flashing of fluorescent lights.
Poultry farmers should consider changing the lighting of chicken houses so that their birds can see and perform better.
The vision of poultry is very different from that of humans, not only in terms of color perception and visual response, but also in terms of physiological responses generated through hormone changes and behavior.
Chickens get very little vision from incandescent lamps
Looks like a bar code missing half of the information.
Adding to its low frequency, this creates stress because the bird has to use its brain to guess the missing information.
Dust, ammonia and moisture also enter the inside of the bulb, causing the bulb to fail.
Farmers should use fully sealed bulbs and should use them with symmetrical dimmers.
Good lighting should be given priority to every farm, and led is particularly beneficial.
Many pigs, poultry and dairy farmers are installing LEDs, a technology that is increasing across Europe.
High cost of capital, but 80-
Compared to traditional lighting, 90 pc is possible and also has potential health and productivity benefits.
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