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How to calculate the power and size of led solar street light panels

by:CHZ     2021-07-12
In the installation of solar street lamp system, the electronics fully consider the configuration of street lamp load and battery and battery panel parameters to ensure the normal operation of the system. Here Chang Hui introduces the calculation method of power and size of solar panels in solar systems.

1. Cells currently used in the market:
Single crystal: 125*125 The best-buy film in the market: 2.5W-2.7W
Polycrystalline: 156*156 Good-buy films on the market: 3W-4W
Cell conversion efficiency u003d wattage/area
Such as: 2.5W/(125*125*0.99) single crystal missing corner
Watts converted area: 2.5W/1000u003d0.00259
Area: 125*125u003d0.01546M2
Conversion efficiency: wattage/areau003d0.00259/0.01546u003d0.1675, which means the conversion efficiency of 2.5 watt monocrystalline cells can reach 16.8%.

Second, battery board voltage 12V (36 cells) or 24V (72 cells)
Example: How to make a 120W/24V battery board.
120W/72u003d1.67 1.67*2u003d3.3W
Conversely, it is inferred that it can be cut with 3.3W polycrystalline solar cells 1/2: 3.3*1/2*72u003d119W (the size of the solar panel can be a little error, there is a 5% fluctuation)

Three, battery board working voltage
The voltage of a single cell: 0.48V~0.5V
The normal 12V system battery board working voltage is 17.5V, and the 24V system battery board working voltage is about 35V; (0.48V~0.5V )*36u003d(17.28~18) (0.48V~0.5V )*72u003d(34.5 ~36)

Four, calculation of battery panel specifications:
Normal battery panel arrangement: 4*9 6*12
90W/12V monocrystalline solar panel area calculation:
90W can be 2.5W*36; arranged according to 4*9, a single 2.5 watt cell is 125*125, and the width is: 4*125u003d500+45 (the gap between the cells and the length of the frame)u003d545 length That is: 9*125u003d1125+80 (the gap between the cells, the junction box, and the length of the frame)u003d1205
Summary: So the size of 90W monocrystalline solar panel is 545*1205.
120W/24V polycrystalline solar panel area calculation:
120W/24V can be 3.3W (1/2 cut)*72;
According to the 6*12 arrangement, a single cell is 156*156,
The width is: 6*156u003d936+45 (the gap between the cells and the length of the frame)u003d992
The length is: 12*156/2+80 (the gap between the cells, the length of the junction box, and the frame) u003d 1020

Summary: So the size of the 120W polycrystalline solar panel is 992*1020.
There are many components of solar street lights. In addition to solar panels, they also include LED lamps, batteries, controllers, etc. For more knowledge about solar street lights, our website news has introduced them.

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