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How to choose a suitable for its solar panels, solar street lamps? A comprehensive analysis must be made according to the actual situation.

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-10-11

1。 According to the actual installation area to choose

monocrystalline silicon conversion rate is high, the stability of their performance parameters, more suitable for rainy days and sunshine is relatively not very plenty of southern region is used; Polycrystalline silicon panels conversion rate lower, used in some sunshine, sunshine is good more than eastern and western regions. Light conditions, therefore, the superior place if use solar street lamp, there is no need to configure monocrystalline silicon panels, so to a certain extent, reduce the cost of lighting.

2. According to the working voltage of choose and buy

solar panels to string and arranged in series voltage, impact current in parallel, as the size of the voltage and current needed for different solar panels will be different. Electricity stored in the storage battery is provided by solar panels and batteries to normal charge, make sure the working voltage of solar panels in the storage battery voltage of 1. About five times. If to 6 v battery charging, need to use 8 v - 9 v solar panels; 15 v to 12 v battery charging is needed 18 v solar panels.

3。 According to the required output power of choose and buy

affect the output power of solar panel size and itself, panel power output per unit area of about 127 wp/square meters, the area of the greater the power output, the greater the average power output of the solar panels suitable for 3 - the power of the light sources More than 5 times, rich in light, turn on the light for 3 - short area More than 4 times, whereas 4 - More than 5 times.

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