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How to choose and apply outdoor landscape lights

by:CHZ     2021-07-08
Outdoor landscape lights are an organic part of modern society. They not only serve as lighting, but also co-exist with the surrounding environment, urban culture and environment, and have a high decorative effect. They are suitable for squares, residential areas, and public green spaces.
Many outdoor landscape lights are used in municipal projects, gardens, parks, development areas, squares, villa areas and other places, and are well received and welcomed by government departments, real estate developers and citizens. Chang Hui will introduce to you the selection and use requirements of scene lights in different places.
1. Residential areas generally include main roads with wide roads and branch trails with narrow roads. Main roads generally choose high pole lights or garden lights, and branch trails use small garden lights or lawn lights. It is best to choose energy-saving lamps as the light source, and the appearance of the lamps should be integrated with the environment. The height of the luminaire installation should be in harmony with the surrounding environment. The distance of high pole lights is generally 25-30m. The pitch of garden lights is generally 15-20m. The pitch of lawn lights is generally 5-10m, and the pitch of lights at bends should be appropriately reduced.
2. The square is the main entertainment place for the public, and its brightness, lighting methods, color rendering of light sources and the shape of lamps and lanterns should reflect the functional requirements, decoration requirements and scene characteristics of the square. Generally used more are courtyard lights and underground lights. In view of the low illuminance generally reported by the public, it is recommended that the illuminance is not less than 50lx.
Three, lawn, plant lighting
Lawn and plants are the most widely distributed and largest elements of outdoor landscapes, and the quality of their lighting design plays a key role in the entire project. The most commonly used lawn lamp is the lawn lamp. In order to prevent glare, try to choose milky white or frosted glass cover lamps. Regarding huge trees, the most commonly used method is to install the lamps on the ground or buried under the ground, and the light beam illuminates the densest part of the canopy vertically to reflect the three-dimensional sense of the tree. There are also situations where lamps are installed on tree trunks subject to conditions. At this time, for the sake of beauty, the shading and beautification of the lead wires should be done well. Hangzhou West Lake Sudi will lead to the outside of the duct of the lamp wire on the tree, put plastic foam on the bread, and then paint it with a brown dye that mimics the color of the tree, which is very similar to the tree and vine, which is practical and beautiful. Plant lighting also has downward lighting, contour lighting, moonlight effect lighting and other methods, which will not be introduced here.
With the development of the national economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, many public spaces and open spaces such as green space and water systems, square pedestrian streets have been opened up in the city. The red lantern-shaped spectacle lights bring a festive atmosphere to the square, with green coconut trees. The lights set up a tropical atmosphere by the pool, which provide a convenient place for enriching the residents' leisure and entertainment activities. The night reshaping of these natural and cultural scenes is the main function of landscape lighting.

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