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How to choose suitable LED landscape light

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-10-11

how to choose led landscape lamp. As is known to all, as the global economy and industry are becoming more and more stable operation, led landscape lamp will adhere to scientific and technological innovation as the power industry, pay attention to the quality and efficiency of structural adjustment, realize the sustainable development of solar energy street lamp industry in shenzhen. For this reason, to 'how to choose LED landscape lamp' very interested in this issue, the famous landscape department editor will the information content of a brief introduction of shenzhen solar street light for you

LED landscape light, driven by a DC power consumption is very low. Compared with the traditional light source, led landscape lamp closer to the point light source, single phase, with light, convenient and high luminous efficiency. When choosing LED landscape light, we need to pay attention to their classification. In general, LED landscape light has a built-in constant-current source and constant current source, they are divided into more than three strings and string in the lamp holder without constant current source

must be according to their own needs to choose the appropriate landscape lamp. You can't just choose a, because it is energy saving and environmental protection, so after replacement cost will be higher, it is inappropriate. In addition, we should pay attention to use LED landscape lamp. The scenery area has a very large area, deal with the problem of people without a city. If the lights of the risk of leakage or fire will inevitably to tourists travel a potential threat. When using outdoor led landscape lamp, should pay attention to this.

however, LED landscape lighting is more suitable for scenery area, the basic will not affect the safety of tourists, 6 m solar road lamps and lanterns manufacturers won't cause a greater loss to the scenic spot. Choose appropriate landscape lamp is very important, their future will be better and better. After all, more and more people use them.

1, according to the requirements determine the type of landscape lamp

at present, the landscape lamp market booming, the species is also very rich. Before buying landscape lamp, everyone should know the type of landscape lights. According to their own needs ( Like the location of installation, lighting, lamps and lanterns, appearance) Landscape type lamps and lanterns, you do need to buy. You can find all kinds of landscape lamp information on the Internet, confirmed after purchase.

2。 Choose appropriate landscape lamp manufacturers buy

at present, the city is a big demand for landscape lights in the night, so there are a lot of landscape lamp manufacturers. After confirm need to purchase a landscape lamp, you can go to the city not only market of lamps and lanterns, can also query the manufacturer information on the Internet. Before buying, you should remember to compare in many ways. In addition to the price, you should also consider factors such as the service life of lamps and lanterns, installation difficulty, choose a cost-effective to buy.

3。 Discuss the price when buying

when you buy landscape lamp, whether you are in offline and online purchase, you can discuss the price with the manufacturer. In general, manufacturers are price is negotiable. Remember and manufacturers to discuss more. You take the more light, the more the price is negotiable. Through the bargaining, you can buy it at the right price you like landscape lamp.

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