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How to classify solar garden lights for different purposes

by:CHZ     2021-07-15
  As a new product of photovoltaic lighting, solar garden lights have achieved good applications in current landscape lighting. In the actual application process, solar garden lights are mainly divided into two application directions according to the different lighting purposes. One is community lighting and the other is square lighting. What problems should be paid attention to when applying solar garden lights in different places in order to ensure the quality of street lighting?
In the process of residential lighting application, solar garden lights should achieve the necessary lighting effect to facilitate the activities of the residents of the community. In terms of the appearance design of courtyard lights, solar courtyard lights are mainly divided into two types: Chinese and European styles, which not only beautify the community, but also not cause people's aesthetic fatigue. In terms of street lamp layout, the main roads of the residential area are mainly interwoven cloth lamps and symmetrical cloth lamps.
In the square lighting application, solar courtyard lights require a strong artistic effect. Because they belong to public lighting facilities, the appearance of the entire courtyard lights must be considered to blend the aesthetics of the entire square and artistic lighting at night. The solar garden lamp can achieve a beautiful appearance and beautify the environment in the application process. For the application of solar garden lights, only lighting classification according to different purposes can ensure that solar garden lights achieve good lighting applications.

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