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How to distinguish the quality of the solar street light

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-10-13

due to the use of renewable energy as the main power supply solar street lamps, in recent years, the development of solar street lamps soon, let more and more users see the advantages of solar street lamps, so the solar street lamps application range is gradually enlarged. So, we should be how to distinguish the quality problem of the solar street light?

1。 First of all, the brightness of the solar street lights can be used to judge its quality. Store electricity for solar street light absorb solar energy during the day, night, it is said that the solar street light lamp power higher than the direct power supply.

2, general should have antistatic ability, solar street lamps, solar street light itself needs to store a lot of energy, and long time used in outdoor environment, if do not have antistatic ability, can form a lot of damage.

3。 Solar street lamps used one-way transmission light emitter. If appear in the working process of the reverse current solar street lamps, leakage will happen. If solar street lamps have leakage problem, its service life will be shorten, the quality is not guaranteed.

4。 When choosing a solar street lamp, it is necessary to observe solar street lamps lighting viewpoints. Different types and standards of solar street light with different viewpoints of lighting, solar road lamps and lanterns of lighting viewpoints can undertake choosing according to application requirements.

5, likewise, solar street light light color has a different effect, also need to choose according to the needs of lighting. Different wavelengths of solar road lamp with different colors and prices. Then, when to buy solar street light, the first thing to do is to choose a shop with good credit.

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