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How to improve the solar street light price competitive advantage

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-04

in recent years, with the progress and development of solar technology, solar street lamp is more and more strong, the performance of solar battery discharge time is higher and higher, lighting effect is getting better and better. Though solar street light price is cheap, a few years ago, compared with other similar street lamp products is still relatively expensive, many solar street light on the market of battery life nor too long. At present, solar street lamps production enterprises must innovate, improve the service life of the solar street lamps, reduce the price of solar street light, so as to obtain strong competitiveness in the market. Solar street lamps manufacturers how to change?

at present, the solar energy of lithium-ion batteries is short cycle time, lead to the problem of short life. Solar street lamps manufacturers can undertake innovation for solar power lithium battery core, find another way to find new type of lithium battery core, but at the same time guarantee the performance of lithium-ion batteries, at the same time increase the cycles.

the use of high photosynthetic efficiency and Gao Liuming number of LED chips, through to the solar lamps and lanterns is the innovation of the production process, greatly improve the efficiency of luminous flux LED chip, so as to realize the better than the same chip and power of solar lamps and lanterns of lighting effect.

as of now, the price of solar street lamps light accounts for a large part of the whole solar system price, so we must be innovative solar lighting mast welding and galvanizing technology, innovation more efficient welding technology and lower the galvanized process, only in this way, can reduce the price of solar light, thus increasing competitiveness.

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