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How to inspection and maintenance of solar panels do

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-05

now because of urbanization development, people on the road are able to see our solar street light, bring great convenience to our life, but sometimes we will find that these solar street lamps used in the long run, less electricity, and brightness is less bright. We installed the solar street lamp, of course, does not once and for all, used after ruling out the quality problem of the product itself, you need to consider whether they have no to preventive maintenance and the solar panels, battery is a very important equipment, we need to maintain good, such ability make the best use effect. The following solar panel manufacturers, tell everyone a good about how to do inspection and maintenance of solar panels.

first of all we need regular inspection on solar panels, check the battery and panels have damaged place, this is the most important, because once the damage so sure will cause quality problems. Check around the solar panels have blocked by debris, not clear on a regular basis, such as some weeds would affect the solar panels.

if it is winter, you will need to oh we timely clear the snow on the solar panels, so as to ensure the best use effect, but also pay attention to the waterproof effect, in order to avoid water causes serious damage to equipment.

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